We are so glad you are interested in our ministry!  We would like you to hear some of our music which can be streamed to your computer in Real Audio format.  This will work at 28K, 56K, or broadband and will not take too long to buffer. There are several programs and many are recorded live for you to hear us perform.  You can then email us with questions or orders.  Thank you and God bless. 

SO00483_.wmf (11192 bytes) Christmas Program      BL00010A.gif (2391 bytes)  We Magnify Thee

BS00184_.wmf (4976 bytes) Live Concert   PH01332U.bmp (32184 bytes)  Interior Castles

en00354_.wmf (5218 bytes) Classical Vocal    SO00736_.wmf (6220 bytes)  Starring Carols

 BL00921_.wmf (4408 bytes)  Hymns and Spirituals    EN00517A.gif (949 bytes)    Classical Piano

Liturgical Selections     bd06455_.wmf (14614 bytes) American Traditional Sacred Classics for Voice and Keyboard

Complete List of Albums and  Order Information